BSSB proposes the construction of a new building in the São Paulo City campus to house approximately 20 research groups. The admission of new researchers and the building of a dedicated center will be essential to achieve the goals of the USP SynBio Center. Funds have been secured through an agreement between FAPESP, USP, UNICAMP, UNESP and the São Paulo State Government. 

The Instituto de Biociências (IB) and the Institute of Chemistry (IQ) have a large research infrastructure in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry of Plants, Algae and Insects. The Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas (ICB), the Escola Politécnica (Poli) and the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME) have large expertise in molecular genetics, bioinformatics, physiology of bacteria and yeast. IQ and IB are both going to contribute to consolidate the research on grasses, especially sugarcane. IQ groups that conduct research on bioprospecting and chemical synthesis of renewable compounds will join groups from Poli and ICB that research biochemical engineering of organisms. 

The BSSB Center at São Paulo City campus will also be associated to groups from ESALQ in Piracicaba campus and from the USP Ribeirão Preto campus.

Petroleum sources...

... of carbon for human growth and development will end. The use of fossil oil is becoming very expensive and increasingly damaging for the environment. It is not just for fuel, there are all the bio-based chemicals that need inventing.

We need to find alternative routes that are good for the planet, good for the people and good for our economy.

It is in this context that the USP SynBio Center places itself in the frontier of knowledge, focusing on research that can lead into new applications in Bioenergy.

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