Instituto de Química Research Groups

Biochemistry Department
  • Glaucia Mendes Souza – Sugarcane genomics, functional genomics and regulatory networks
  • Carlos Takeshi Hotta – Alternative models for the study of sugarcane regulatory networks
  • Sandro Marana – Cellulolytic Enzymes for processing of biomass
  • Pio Colepicolo – Biofuels and Bio-based chemicals from Algae
  • Walter Ribeiro Terra and Clelia Ferreira – Plant pests and control
  • João Carlos Setubal – Genomics of Microorganisms for Biofuels and Biomass Processing
  • Armando Casas Mollano – Epigenetic gene regulation in plants
  • Flavia Vischi Winck – Integrative analysis of omics data and molecular physiology of microalgae
Fundamental Chemistry Department
  • Alcindo Aparecido dos Santos – Organic synthetic chemistry for bio-based chemicals
  • Flávio Maron Vichi – Fuel Cells, mesostructures and ceramic materials
  • Leandro Helgueira de Andrade – New synthetic enzymes isolated from biomass-degrading microorganisms
  • Liane Marcia Rossi – Catalists development for synthesis of alcohols and polyols for bio-based chemistry
  • Luiz Henrique Catalani – Polymers from biomass
  • Massuo Jorge Kato – Biodiversity and metabolomics
  • Rômulo Augusto Ando – Ionic liquids for gas absorption
  • Pedro Henrique Cury Camargo – Fuel cells and nanocatalysis
  • Pedro Vidinha – Biobased chemicals


Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Research Groups

  • José Gregório Cabrera Gomez, Luiziana Ferreira da Silva and Marilda Keico Taciro – System analysis and engineering of bacterial metabolism to the development of bioproducts
  • Gabriel Padilla e Wellington Araújo – Metagenomics as source of lignocellulolytic enzymes and other bioproducts from microrganism-plant association
  • Elisabete José Vicente – Production of PHA from agroindustrial residues
  • Heloiza Ramos Barbosa – Diazotrophic bacteria interactions with sugarcane


Instituto de Biociências Research Groups

  • Marie Anne Van Sluys – Sugarcane genomics and transposable elements
  • Marcos Silveira Buckeridge – Mechanisms of Sugarcane Cell-wall hydrolysis


Instituto de Matemática e Estatística Research Groups

  • Alan Mitchel Durham, João Eduardo Ferreira, Roberto Marcondes Cesar Jr., Ronaldo Fumio Hashimoto, André Fujita and Júnior Barrera – Bioinformatics and Systems Biology


Escola Politécnica Research Groups

  • Claudio Augusto Oller do Nascimento – Modeling and chemical process optimization

Petroleum sources...

... of carbon for human growth and development will end. The use of fossil oil is becoming very expensive and increasingly damaging for the environment. It is not just for fuel, there are all the bio-based chemicals that need inventing.

We need to find alternative routes that are good for the planet, good for the people and good for our economy.

It is in this context that the USP SynBio Center places itself in the frontier of knowledge, focusing on research that can lead into new applications in Bioenergy.

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