February 19, 2008




1. Personal


Rowan F. Sage                        Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Date of Birth: Sept. 2, 1958             University of Toronto           

Phone: 416-978-7660                   25 Willcocks St.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            Toronto, ON  M5S3B2 Canada


2. Degrees


Ph.D., Botany             August, 1986,             University of California, Davis

Dissertation:             Nitrogen Use Efficiency in C3 and C4 Plants

Advisor:             Dr. Robert Pearcy


M.Sc., Botany            June, 1982            University of California, Davis

B.A., Biology               June, 1980             Colorado College   


3. Employment


Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  7-04 to present

Chair, Department of Botany      7-04 to 7-06


4. Research Interests


Plant physiological ecology; plant acclimation and adaptation, particularly to CO2 and temperature; photosynthesis and the environment; C4 photosynthesis; the evolution of C4 photosynthesis; stress physiology; global change biology; bioenergy.


B. Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications


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C. Books edited


Sage, R.F. and Monson, R.K. eds. C4 Plant Biology, 1999. Academic Press, San Diego.


Raghavendra A and Sage R.F., eds. 2009. C4 photosynthesis and Related CO2 Concentrating Mechanisms. Springer. Berlin (in press).




1.          Associate Editor – Global Change Biology

2.         Editorial Board – Oecologia

3.         Editorial board - Photosynthesis Research

4.         Editorial board – Plant Cell and Environment