Global Bioethanol - Evolution, Risks, and Uncertainties

Global Bioethanol - Evolution, Risks, and Uncertainties

Edited by Sergio Luiz Monteiro Salles-FilhoLuís Augusto Barbosa CortezJosé Maria Ferreira Jardim da SilveiraSergio C. Trindade and Maria da Graça Derengowski Fonseca

Global Bioethanol: Evolution, Risks, and Uncertainties explores the conceptual and methodological approaches for the understanding of bioethanol technologies, policies and future perspectives. After a decade of huge investments made by big companies and governments all around the world, it is time to talk about the real conditions in which bioethanol will (or will not) evolve. Uncertainties and certainties are discussed and addressed to understand the futures of global bioethanol. The book analyses the evolution of bioethanol in the world’s energy mix under technological, economic and commercial perspectives. It gives particular emphasis on the innovative trajectories of second-generation ethanol and their potential in different countries and regions. Future scenarios are proposed in order to evaluate the possible outcomes of ethanol in a global perspective.

For providing a thorough overview of the bioethanol sector from different points of view, this book is a very useful resource for all involved with biofuels in general and bioethanol in particular, including energy engineers, researchers, consultants, analysts and policy makers.

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