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March 18th Wednesday


9:00 h


Glaucia Souza (IQ - USP, Coordenadora da Divisão de Pesquisa em Biomassa do Programa FAPESP em Bioenergia BIOEN)

Biotechnological Roadmap for Sugarcane Improvement


9:15 h

Opening Conference

Paul Moore (USDA, USA)

Sugarcane Biology and Yield

Coffee 10:00 – 10:30 am


Section 1: Gene Discovery and Sugarcane Genomics

10:30 h Rosanne Casu (CSIRO, Australia)

Gene discovery as an aid to the understanding of agronomically important metabolic processes of sugarcane

11:00 h Derek Watt (SASRI, South Africa)

Gene Discovery: Approaches, Developments and Applications to Sugarcane Improvement at the South African Sugarcane Research Institute

11:30 h Glaucia Souza (IQ-USP)

The SUCEST-FUN Project: identifying genes associated to agronomic traits of interest in sugarcane

12:00 h Debate

Debate leaders: Marie-Anne Van-Sluys (IB-USP), Manuel Sainz (Syngenta), Paulo Arruda (Allelyx)


12:30 h



Section 2: Transgenics and Controlled Transgene Expression

14:00 h Helaine Carrer (ESALQ)

Biotechnology Applications of Sugar Cane Genetic Transformation

14:30 h Robert Birch (University of Queensland, Australia)

Can we deliver controlled transgene expression in sugarcane?

15:00 h João Carlos Bespalhok (UFPR, Brazil)

When we will have a transgenic sugarcane?

15:30 h Debate

Debate leaders: Marcelo Menossi (IB-UNICAMP), Maria Fátima Grossi de Sá (EMBRAPA), Eugenio Ulian (Monsanto)

March 19th Thursday

9:00 h coffee

Section 3: Photosynthesis, sucrose metabolism, drought and sugar physiology

9:30 h Rowan Sage (University of Toronto)

C4 photosynthesis and Climate Change

10:00 h Marcos Buckeridge (IB-USP)

The role of giberellins in the control of carbohydrate metabolism in seedlings of sugarcane: a possible relationship between cell wall expansion and sucrose accumulation

10:30 h Graham Bonnett (CSIRO, Australia)

Environmental and genetic manipulation of carbon partitioning between growth and storage in sugarcane

11:00 h Laurício Endres (UFAL)

Ecophysiology applied to sugarcane

11:30 h Debate

Debate leaders: Tercílio Calsa (UFPE) , Paul Moore (USDA), Katia Scortecci (UFRN)


12:30 h Lunch


Section 4: Breeding and Statistical Genetics

14:30 h Marcos Sanches (UFSCAR)

Development of sugarcane cultivars by the RIDESA Breeding Program

15:00 h Augusto Garcia (ESALQ)

Genetic Architecture of Quantitative Traits in Sugarcane

15:30 h Robert Henry (Southern Cross University)

Genomics based approaches to genetic improvement in sugarcane

16:00 h Debate

Debate leaders: Anete de Souza (CBMEG-UNICAMP), Jorge da Silva (TAMU), Walter Maccheroni (Canavialis), Marcos Landell (IAC), William Burniquist (CTC), Roland Vencovsky (ESALQ)