The BIOEN Sugarcane Transcriptome research is an undergoing initiative of more then 15 laboratories. Several EST collections have been developed over the years that helped with gene discovery in this grass. The SUCEST EST sequencing project represents the largest EST collection and is represented by 43,141 putative transcripts known as the sugarcane assembled sequences (SAS). We have used cDNAs microarrays to determine transcript distribution among sugarcane tissues and identified ubiquitous and tissue-enriched gene expression. We have also annotated signaling and transcription factor genes and created the SUCAST and SUCAMET Databases, a catalogue of signal transduction, transcription, and metabolism genes with a phylogenetic categorization, a tissue expression matrix, transcript and protein sequences, domains, GO classification and expression data. More recently we have developed customized oligoarrays for sugarcane transcriptome analysis. These are being used by a number of laboratories interested in profiling gene expression associated with sucrose content, enhanced saccharification, biotic and abiotic stress responses and hormonal regulation of development and adaptation to the environment.

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