August 4th Monday

10:30 h

Opening Conference

Prof. Dr. Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Diretor Científico, FAPESP


10:45 h - Sequencing eukaryotic genomes; lessons from the past and taking into account the new high/ultra-high throughput sequencing machines

Prof. Dr. Francis Quetier, Genoscope, França


11:15 h - The Sorghum bicolor genome as a foundation for dissecting the productivity of Saccharinae grasses

Prof. Dr. Andrew H. Paterson, Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory, University of Georgia, EUA


11:45 h - The SUCEST-FUN Project: Gene Discovery for the Improvement of Sugarcane

Profa Dra. Glaucia Mendes de Souza, Depto. Bioquímica IQ-USP


12:15 h - Orthologous comparison in a gene-rich region among grasses revelas stability in the sugarcane polyploid genome

Dr. Angelique D'Hont, CIRAD França


12:45 h Lunch


13:50 h - Insights into the rice genome

Prof. Dr. C. Robin Buell, Michigan State University


14:20 h - OryzaSNP -  Genome-wide SNP discovery in Diverse Rice Varieties

Prof. Dr. Jan E. Leach, Bioagr. Sciences and Pest Management, Colorado State University, USA


14:50 h – Transcription Factors: Genetic tool kits for green plant evolution

Prof. Dr. Michel G Vincentz, CBMEG-Unicamp


15:20 h – Sequence conservation and synteny between the genomes of sorghum and sugarcane

Prof. Dr. Ray Ming, Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois, USA


15:50 h – Coffee Break


16:15 h – Sugarcane polyploid genome, development of molecular markers and allelic variation

Prof. Dr. Antônio Augusto Franco Garcia, Depto. de Genética ESALQ-USP


16:45 h – From plant to gene: how to preserve, maintain and exploit genomic resources: from the BAC library to the creation of 3-Dimensional pools

Prof. Dr. Helene Berges, UMR 2594 INRA-CNRS, França


17:15 h – Improving sugarcane

Dr. Graham Bonnett, Program Leader CSIRO Plant Industry


17:45 h – Genomic environment of sugarcane expressed transposable elements

Profa Dra. Marie-Anne Van Sluys, GaTE lab; DB-IBUSP