Jeremy Woods

Jeremy Woods is a Lecturer in bioenergy at Imperial College London working on the interplay between development, land-use and the sustainable use of natural resources. Becoming a co-director of Imperial College’s Porter Institute in 2010, which is dedicated to the development of advanced biorenewables. He has been a member of the Royal Society working groups including the working group on GHG emissions from agriculture and in 2008 its working group on Biofuels. Prior to this he was on the advisory board of the UK Government’s Gallagher Review which assessed the indirect land use change impacts of biofuels within the context of the UK Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation. He has carried out assessments of advanced bioenergy systems for a number of UK, national and international bodies, including on carbon / greenhouse gas assurance and certification accreditation and in developing the framework for an international bioenergy programme in collaboration with the UN-FAO and the Global Environment Fund (GEF). He chairs the UK working group of the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, is Chair of a voluntary community-based carbon offsetting charity, Plan Vivo ( and a trustee of the Environmental Law Foundation ( His research focuses on accessing the development opportunities that arise from advanced bioenergy and biorenewables including African development and food security linkages with bioenergy production. He lectures on Sustainable Energy Futures and Environmental Technologies in Imperial College London.