Lee Lynd

Professor Lynd is an expert on utilization of plant biomass for production of energy.  His contributions span the science, technology, and policy domains, and include leading research on fundamental and biotechnological aspects of microbial cellulose utilization.  He has led an active research group addressing these issues over the last two decades, authoring over 100 technical papers as well as widely-cited reviews, book chapters, and 6 issued patents.  A frequently invited presenter on technical and strategic aspects of biomass energy, Professor Lynd has three times testified before the United States Senate, and has been featured in prominent fora such as Wired, Forbes, Nova, and the Nobel Conference

  • Paul E. and Joan H. Queneau Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering Design
  • Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Professor Extraordinary of Microbiology, Stellenbosch U., South Africa
  • Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Mascoma Corporation