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  • Biomass

    Research with focus on sugarcane, including plant improvement and farming

  • Biorefinery

    Technologies and alcohol chemistry

  • Biofuel technologies

    Applications for motor vehicles: Otto cycle engines and fuel cells

  • Engines

    Research to consolidate ethanol as the renewable substitute for gasoline

  • Sustainability and Impacts

    Social, economic and environmental studies, land use and intellectual property


Flightpath to Aviation Biofuels in Brazil: Action Plan

FAPESP and UNICAMP, in a joint initiative with Boeing/Embraer, have recently released the assessment Flightpath to Aviation Biofuels in Brazil: Action Plan.

This report presents a thorough analysis of the way forward actions to achieve sustainability in the context of aviation biofuels.

Download PDF here

How much sugarcane trash should be left on the soil?

Cantarella, Heitor; Cerri, Carlos Eduardo Pellegrino; Carvalho, João Luís Nunes; Magalhães, Paulo Sérgio Graziano



BIOEN/FAPESP scholar exchange in support of the FAPESP BIOEN research program in association with the GSB - Global Sustainable Bioenergy project

GSB Website


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